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Edward Slinin’s American Dream

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Corporate Transportation Group is a very well-known name in New York City, not only for its great successes, but for the amazing customer service and core values that the company strives to offer to each and every one of its clients. “The goal at Corporate Transportation Group is to get you comfortably, safely and reliably to your destination.” This core vision, as well as its one of a kind customer service, has helped the company strive throughout the years.

Edward Slinin, the company’s President, is the epitome of the American Dream come true. He began with just a single car but with hard work and optimism, he expanded the company into one of the largest transportation companies in New York City. Mr. Slinin lives by the belief that “in a time when every penny is precious and the world’s financial situation remains gloomy, staying optimistic is the right and only way to go”. He holds this optimism in the highest regard, as he believes it to be responsible for his great success in New York City and several other areas around the globe.

Corporate Transportation Group has become a concrete piece of the New York City transportation industry. Clients the company has been able to sustain include banks and law firms with large accounts, as well as working class citizens who do not hold corporate accounts at all. This wide variety of clients comes from the fact that Edward treats all accounts and clients with equality and respect; whether it’s a law firm that holds a long standing account, or an elderly woman who needs a ride to an appointment.

Not only is Mr. Slinin capable and successful at combining large and small accounts, he has also implemented some of the most up to date technologies to his fleet. Utilizing GPS navigation systems, blackberry services, and Hybrid cars has allowed the company to grow and evolve at a continuously rapid rate. Currently there are 1,300 vehicles in the fleet; out of those, 187 are hybrid and Edward plans to expand upon that number.

Edward Slinin believes that no matter how hard things get, being optimistic and always looking for new opportunities for improvement is the true formula for success. He says that one of his core beliefs is to “stay true to your values and goals, and remain optimistic no matter what happens”.

By living by this belief each and every day, Edward Slinin has managed to make the American Dream a reality.

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