Edward Slinin and CTG Work to Improve the Environment

The state of the planet has become a big news item. People have begun to focus more and more on improving the environment. Children are taught to recycle in school and encouraged to implement recycling programs in their homes. Global warming, the Ozone Layer, and a lack of fossil fuels are topics that can easily be found in any newspaper.

No matter what steps are taken, though, there seems to be little improvement in regards to the environment. There is always the concern that any steps taken towards conservation are not enough and that the planet is being destroyed.

Hybrid cars are one of the more recent developments in terms of preserving the planet. Hybrid cars are usually vehicles that combine an internal combustion engine with one or more electric motors. This means that the car requires less gas in order to operate.

Unfortunately, the impact of switching to hybrid vehicles is minimal if it is not done on a large scale. One of the ways in which a huge impact is made is when a large transportation company makes the switch to hybrid vehicles. When a company that is responsible for the transportation of millions of people and employs thousands of vehicles, it can have a massive impact on the environment by switching to hybrid vehicles.

A company that has made this change is the Corporate Transportation Group based in New York City. Edward Slinin has replaced much of his fleet with hybrid vehicles in order to help ensure the future of the planet. Considering that his company is one of the most successful transportation services, this makes a huge impact on the environment.

In 1982, Edward Slinin began Corporate Transportation Group. It was a small company with only a few clients and one vehicle. Over the next twenty years, Edward Slinin grew his company into the leading transportation service that it is today. He now operates a fleet of about 1300 vehicles and does business in various countries for clients that range from celebrities to tourists.

With an eye to the future, Edward Slinin has taken the environment into account. He has incorporated hybrid vehicles into his fleet in an attempt to do his part to help the environment of the planet that we all share. Considering the number of vehicles that he is responsible for and the influence that he has on the transportation business, this action is a huge help to the environment.

We are going to continue to hear about pollution in the news. Political candidates are going to continue to debate the state of the environment. Children in schools are going to continue to work on recycling projects. The changes that need to be made to our planet are not going to happen overnight, but people like Edward Slinin are making a definite impact and are taking us in the right direction.

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