Corporate Transportation Group Awards And Contributions

New York City is full of treasures that have become iconic representations of America. But beyond The Statue of Liberty and Madison Square Garden, there are a few other gems to be found within this amazing city. Many small businesses make up the thriving heartbeat of New York; sadly, many go unnoticed or unheard of because of the grand scope of the city itself.

One of these businesses is Edward Slinin’s Corporate Transportation Group. Mr. Slinin has built this transportation business from the ground up, starting with one car in 1983 and evolving into a 1300 car success story. Mr. Slinin’s hard work and dedication are evident in the achievements and awards he has managed to procure along the way.

For instance, in 1997, Corporate Transportation Group was acknowledged as one of the top 10 job creators in New York City. For this, CTG received the “Bridge of Success Award,” awarded by JP Morgan Chase.

In 1998, CTG was recognized as “Best of the Best” by NY Magazine for their world class customer service and their honest approach of treating their personal accounts the same as their massive corporate accounts.

In 2006, Edward Slinin was awarded the “American Business Millennium Addition Award” by Whos Who for his innovations and contribution to the transportation industry of NYC.

But Mr. Slinin’s accomplishments go far beyond awards and recognition. His love for his city can be seen by his selfless acts. For instance, in September 2001 following the attack on the World Trade Center, CTG was the only transportation provider that was helping the victims get to safety. Similarly, CTG was also the only car service company that was helping bring people home and to the hospitals when a commuter plane crashed into the Hudson River in 2009. For this feat, CTG received the “Miracle on the Hudson” award from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

It’s clear to see why CTG continues to be successful. And with high hopes and big plans for the future, Mr. Slinin believes that by continuing to place the customer first, his company will continue to grow.

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