Edward Slinin: Interesting Facts About Limos


Limousines were once vehicles reserved for the rich and famous, such as wealthy businessmen, politicians, and movie stars. Today, virtually anyone can hire a limousine for such occasions as weddings, proms, birthdays, office parties, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. Anyone can be transformed to celebrity status when stepping out of a flashy limo. Thanks to the many limousine rental services ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: One Immigrant’s Success Story

Stretch Limo

Ed Slinin embodies the essence of the American Dream. An immigrant of Russian descent, Mr. Slinin came from humble beginnings and today is the founder of Corporate Transportation Group, Limited. His story of struggle, hard work, and success givers testimony to so many other poignant tales of Americans who rose to the occasion to create multi-million-dollar corporations from very modest ... Read More »

Ed Slinin: Live the American Dream


From a very young age we are told that we can do anything. Our teachers and parents are constantly reassuring us that anything we want to do is within our grasp. One day we may want to be firefighters. Our parents and teachers smile and buy us a red fireman’s hat. The next day we may want to be an ... Read More »

Edward Slinin and CTG Work to Improve the Environment

The state of the planet has become a big news item. People have begun to focus more and more on improving the environment. Children are taught to recycle in school and encouraged to implement recycling programs in their homes. Global warming, the Ozone Layer, and a lack of fossil fuels are topics that can easily be found in any newspaper. ... Read More »

Edward Slinin Shows How Simple Goals Lead to Massive Success

Edward Slinin, owner and president of New York City’s Corporate Transportation Group (CTG), is a prime example of how following one’s dreams can lead to amazing success. CTG is among the city’s most popular limousine service companies, stocked with more than 1,300 cars, 150 of which are hybrids. While most might think that having a huge client base in New ... Read More »

Edward Slinin Does His Part to Help the Environment

In recent decades, people have begun to focus more and more on the state of the planet. There is great concern for the environment due to extreme levels of pollution and waste. In schools, children are taught to recycle and encouraged to bring this knowledge home to their families. Talk of the Ozone Layer, global warming, and a lack of ... Read More »

Unsung Success Story of Edward Slinin

When you think of a successful person, you usually imagine somebody who appears on magazine covers, talk shows, or is on the Forbe’s list. Success is usually thought of as going hand-in-hand with fame. A person needs to be well known in order to be successful, right? Wrong. There are success stories happening every day that only a few people ... Read More »

Edward Slinin: Do Not Let Your Dreams Outrun You!

With our country currently in a state of economic turmoil and uncertainty, it’s always reassuring to hear inspiring rags-to-riches story. It can be incredibly motivational to hear stories about how everyday people like you and me were able to focus on a personal dream and go after it. These are the kinds of stories that make great tear-jerking movies that ... Read More »